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Custom Fireplace Warranty

          Fireplace Concepts North America warrants the components and materials in the gas appliance to be free from manufacturing and material defects for a period of one year from date of delivery. No warranty issued for fireplace installation / gas / electrical / venting and labour. It is recommended that the fireplace is to be checked over / serviced / cleaned every three months if in use on daily basis. A minimum one time service is to be done if fireplace is to be used on an occasional basis.

           Fireplace Concepts North America grants no warranty, implied or stated, for the installation or maintenance of the fireplace, and assumes no responsibility of any consequential damage(s). This warranty will be void if the appliance is not installed by a qualified installer in accordance with installation instructions. It will also be void if the appliance is not operated and maintained according to the operating instructions supplied with the unit, and does not extend to:

    a) firebox/burner assembly damaged by accident, neglect, misuse, abuse, alterations, negligence of others,
    b) the costs of removal, reinstallation or transportation of defective parts on the appliance,
    c) identical or consequential damage.

Extended warranty is available upon request.

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