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Northwestern Mutual Office Tower

Milwaukee, WI
Architect: Kendall/Heaton Associates

A unique four sided curved fireplace measures visible glass openings of 28 feet long by 4 feet high. This fireplace will be installed with double pane glass system to ensure the glass stays cool to the touch to prevent burns as it is in the public space, as well as meet new code bylaw requirements. This project is currently in fireplace design phase.

curved fireplace

Chilmark House

Martha's Vineyard, MA
Architect: Gray Organschi Architecture
Contractor: Rosbeck Builders Corp.

This open three sided custom fireplace has a large opening of 48" long by 34" high. It will contain two liner style burners enclosed into concrete panels. Burners are topped with crushed glass medium. Power vent fan is properly sized to ensure adequate draft to prevent gas byproducts spillage into the room. This project is currently in fireplace design phase.

curved custom fireplace

Private Residence

Cleveland, OH
Architect: Westlake Reed Leskosky Architecture

This open three sided bay fireplace has an openning of 48" long by 14" high by 19" deep. It will be installed with 10mm neolith backsplash panel at the back. It will have a single row of liner flame topped with clear crush glass to enhance flame pattern. This fireplace is currently in fabrication.

curved fireplace



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